Dream Fencing Club

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Club Terms & Conditions


Should a member not participate or decide not to continue with fencing, there will be no rebate of the sums paid to date.

Payment of any membership fee to Dream Fencing Club shall also constitute an acceptance of all terms and conditions of the club.

Photography Policy

Dream Fencing club sometimes arranges for photographs and video to shot during club sessions and on the courses we run. The footage and photographs may be used for publicity and may be posted on the internet. If you have any issues with yourself or your child being included in these photos please contact the club.

Individuals may video and photographs during the training sessions, no flashes please, as per British Fencing guidelines.

Safeguarding Policy

Read our safeguarding policy here.

Parents Please Note

Fencing is an active sport and does include getting hit with swords. Hits can occasionally lead to bruises/scrapes and your child must be aware of this fact. If you do have any questions regarding this or any other issue, please feel free to contact Yosif Angelinov on email dreamfencing@gmail.com

Data Protection

Personal details of all members are not disclosed to any third party.


All attending Dream Fencing Club as a fencer, spectator, contractor, parent or guest must:

  • listen to and take direction from any club coach or official for the reasons of safety.
  • coaches may without reason ban anyone and requiring them to leave the building immediately, be that including but not limited to a fencer, spectator, contractor, parent or guest with immediate effect and without refund,


The Management of the Club reserves right to refuse or cancel membership without giving reasons.