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Dream Fencing Club Competition – Sunday 1st June 2014

Sunday 1st June 2014

We had a fun day of Club competition on Sunday. The following fencers came away with medals.


1. David Allen
2. Zayne Patel-Bhatti
3. Marley Barham
3. Freece Patel-Bhati

1. Toby Thorpe
2. Rowan Stott
3. Travis Shoosmith

1. Dani Chattenton
2. Ying-Lun Chui
3. Benjamin Chambers
3. Darcey Barham

Thank you to all who attended.

Check out the website for the next internal and external competitions in your age group that you can enter.

Who We Are

Dream Fencing Club aims to introduce this Olympic sport to adults and children in the London area. Originally founded in Fulham, the club now also operates in Caterham and Gillingham, Kent.

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