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Name: Yosif Angelinov
Position: Head Coach
Age: 36


Yosif received his International certification B.S.Sc. for Fencing Master in 1995-2000 from National Sport Academy – Sofia, Bulgaria.

He starting fencing at 1988 and has 24 years experience in our beloved sport.

Yosif was National Champion and Winner of the cup of Bulgaria. He was part of the Bulgarian National Squad for the cadets, juniors and senior teams.

He represent his country at the World Championships, European Championships and World Cups between 1994-2001.

In 2000 Yosif had to swap his epee for an AK47, for National Service in the Army.

2000 was last year he fenced competitively and after several injuries he decided it was time to stop.

His coaching career started in the same year, 2000, at Club Academic, Sofia.

In 2009, Yosif gains International Category B accreditation from F.I.E. and referees a number of international competitions, including World Cup finals in December 2009 in Lignano, Italy

Sports Personality of Year 2013 /Tandridge Council

Yosif brings energy, experience, professionalism and enthusiasm to the Dream Fencing Club from which all members of the club benefit. His lessons are highly enjoyable and you will learn a great deal about the kind of fencer you are and how to get more out of the sport through group training sessions and individual training programs. To Yosif, it’s all about the small details of your technique.

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Who We Are

Dream Fencing Club aims to introduce this Olympic sport to adults and children in the London area. Originally founded in Fulham, the club now also operates in Caterham and Gillingham, Kent.

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