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Tuesday 3rd June 2014

The British Veteran Fencing Championships, which were held in Gloucester at the weekend, saw Nicola Hull winning a bronze medal, and hopefully securing a place on the GB veteran’s team for the European Championships to be held in Croatia this May.

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Sunday 29th June 2014

Nicola Hull was the only Dream Fencing entrant this year to the Bexley Open. Finding herself in this exalted position she decided to create a challenge for herself by losing her first two poule fights, not the best start. After the shock of her first two fights Nicola came back all guns blazing to win the next two, 5 x 0. To her annoyance, Nicola then lost her final poule fight to come out with a ranking of 14th going into the DEs.

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Monday 30th June 2014

Dream Fencing Club brought epee fencing to Bishops Park in Fulham last Sunday.

This fun, fast sport was demonstrated, by young members of the growing club, to the public at this fun event.

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Sunday 3rd August 2014

In the summer Muhammed and Ibraheem Farnsworth took part in the Leon Paul Junior Series International, u11 Epee. Both the boys fought really well in the poule, Ibraheem won 5 of his matches and Muhammed 7.

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The Sussex Open Epee is a small friendly competition with two rounds of poules.

Nicola fenced beautifully all the way through the poule and was unbeaten going into the DE's.

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Sunday 9th November 2014

Nicola fought really well in the poule stages winning 5 out of her 6 fights.

5-1, 5-1, 5-3, 5-4, 5-2 only losing one fight to Rebecca Mayle 4-3 who had beaten her into second place in the Sussex Open last month. Nicola came through the poule seeded 6th and entered the last 32 with a bye.

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Sunday 1st June 2014

We had a fun day of Club competition on Sunday. The following fencers came away with medals.

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Friday 9th May 2014

Dream Fencing Club London at Alencon, France

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Friday 9th May 2014

Medal for Dream Fencing Club.

The sun shone on the 33 lady epeeists as they arrived at Sussex University Sports Centre on Sunday for the Brighton Open Fencing tournament.

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Sunday 6th April 2014

Dream Fencing Club had four members enter the last of the Elite Epee series of Junior competitions 2013/14.

Lily Madgwick, U11 girls, Muhammed and Ibraheen Farnsworth U11 boys and Patricia Kiy U16 girls.

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Sunday 30th March 2014

Kent Fencing Epee 2014

It was an early start for the Dream Fencing girls taking part in the Kent Fencing Epee Competition on Sunday.Kerrie Johnson was home from college so it was nice to see her fighting for Dream again.

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Friday 28th March 2014

Irish National Fencing Epee Championships

After a shaky start in the poules, and using a borrowed épée as her own epee's had yet to arrive, Kerrie went into the DE ranked 3rd on the Irish National Fencing Epee Championships.

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Monday 10th March 2014

Dream Fencing Club at South East Region British Youth Champs

Tension was running high this weekend at the South East Region national qualifiers at Whitgift School, Croydon.

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Sunday 26th January 2014

Dream Fencing Club Competition - Medway Park, Gillingham

Final results:

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Sunday 19th January 2014

Last weekend three fencers from Dream Fencing Club SE region fencingentered the South East Region Senior and Intermediate Epee Championships hosted by Kent Fencing, at Kent University Canterbury.

This was a well organised and friendly competition, Nicola, Patricia and Aiden took part and where happy to find themselves fighting in different poules.

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Saturday 11th January 2014
Aldershot Open Saturday 11th January 2014

The Aldershot Open is one of the first competitions of the year, a smaller open but worth putting in the calendar as it’s friendly, well organised and a good venue being at the Army base with plenty of parking. Aldershot is also relatively local, members of the Dream Fencing club should put it in their diaries for next year.

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Thursday 2nd January 2014

Nine of our young fencers took part in the Leon Paul Junior Series Epee competition on Saturday 1st February. Our juniors travelled to London to the new, beautifully appointed, Leon Paul Fencing Centre.

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Sunday 17th November 2013

Last Sunday saw Dream Fencing Club field three teams for the Wimbledon Team Epee completion.

Our team of three for the U9 age group were Maja Kazmierczak 9, Mathieu Arnaud 8, Travis Shoosmith 9.  All set out with a great attitude and fought well.  Their fighting spirit was rewarded by the result, as the team picking up the bronze medal.

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Saturday 26th October 2013

The EEJ Series of events kicked off at the weekend at the City of London Freeman’s School, near Leatherhead. This series of events are well run and offer a great introduction into a wider field of competitive fencing.

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Sunday 20th October 2013

We had a great day in Medway Park, Gillingham yesterday with flashing blades, hits... and misses!

Yosif ran competitions for U11, U13 and 13+ fencers, gathered from all the Dream Fencing clubs.

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