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Our Fencing Club Coaches

Yosif Angelinov

Head coach and founder

Yosif received his International Diploma for Fencing Master in 1995-2000 from National Sport Academy – Sofia, Bulgaria. 

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Alex Lilov

Assistant coach - sabre / epee

Alex Lilov is an FIE diploma level fencing coach, specialising in sabre and epee.

He has been a part of the Dream Fencing coaching team since 2015. His coaching career started at the Etropolski Fencing Academy, Bulgaria, a fencing club with Olympians and Winners of the European cup.


Zak Wheeler

Assistant coach - epee

Zak Wheeler is a Level 3 coach, specialising in epee. Zak started fencing in East Anglia and competed in the British Youth Circuit. Zak has been part of the decorated Royal Holloway Fencing Club, having lead it for the 2019/20 season.

Having started coaching in 2014, Zak has been part of the Dream Fencing coaching team since early 2019. 

Trystan Lloyd

Assistant coach -  epee

Trystan Lloyd is a Level 1 fencing coach, specialising in épée. He started fencing in Montreal, Canada in 2012 before moving to the UK in 2014. Trystan is part of the Royal Holloway fencing club. He was the captain of the Men’s 2nd team for the 2019/20 season and captain of the Men’s 1st for the 2020/21 season.

Trystan has been part of Dream Fencing since February 2020.