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Physical and Mental Exercise

Fencing has been described as a physical game of chess.

Not only is fencing great physical exercise that improves reflexes, reactions, strength and all round fitness, but it also gives participants a cognitive work out improving;

  • the use of strategy
  • fast thinking
  • concentration
  • an adaptable approach
  • complex decision making
  • problem analysis

In a fast changing world, fencing develops highly transferable skills!

Fencing is a one to one sport and so the individual must take full responsibility for both success and failure (and there will be both!). The fencer can enjoy the huge sense of accomplishment when winning but should then take on board the thought provoking analysis in defeat.

Along with sportsmanship and the friendships that involvement in fencing brings, many universities have fencing teams only too delighted to welcome competitive fencers.

This is a sport that can last a lifetime with competitions from age under 9 to Veterans from 40+ up to 70+.

Fencing is a great sport!